HappyNotesOnline.com provides a wide range of services related to tutoring through music for life long learning goals and enjoyment.  We provide onsite services through workshops, guided travel and online learningsupport.   
All of our services are performed by highly-qualified instructors who adhere to strict standards. We can combine any of our services to provide the perfect fit for your instructional needs.

Test Preparation & Auditions
We can develop successful skills and strategies for test taking that are appropriate for simple spelling tests to college admission tests. We provide opportunities to apply skills learned so your will feel confident, prepared, and familiar with a testing situation. We also teach relaxation and concentration techniques.  An example would be preparing for the Advanced Placement Music Exam.  Getting started with English as a Foreign Language, and other Test Prep  and Language Needs through which we can use music to enhance and focus your learning experience. If you are preparing for a music Audition for College Entrance, or special Competitions we are here to help you be successful in your goals and dreams. 

Special Needs
Our techniques for supporting students with learning disabilities have a remarkable success rate. We begin by defining what a successful outcome is, and design strategies to achieve your desired outcome. From students with reading problems, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing problems to those who are formally diagnosed as learning disabled, we will find the right pathway and support plan for each learner.  We are experienced with Gifted Learners and those with more than one Special Need. We work with adjunct therapies friendly to our sound therapy approaches.

Differentiated Learning Styles
Happy Notes understands the Sound Sensitive person who needs music as their regular stimulus to life long learning and enjoyment and all those who can benefit from customized and individualized learning plans. 
Techniques are shared and practiced, so students can achieve success on their own. All services are under the direction of our experienced director who initiates the plan and supervises its implementation.

Individualized Attention
We offer a level of attention that most tutoring centers cannot achieve. Our staff to student ratio is very high. We don't schedule more students than our staffing will allow. We will never have a crowded environment where teachers are preoccupied. We make sure our teachers have the ability to focus attention on each person.

Reinforcement and Educational Advancement
We offer an opportunity to participants to gain greater understanding of subject matter through application of skills. We can build on knowledge that participants bring with them into the tutoring and learning environment. We support Race to the Top and can also offer Consultation Services to Schools, and Community Venues to provide Innovative and Motivational Cutting Edge Stratagies to Excel through the Arts, 

HappyNotesOnline works with parents, teachers, and other professionals as requested. Our teachers can attend IEP meetings, and support classroom instructors, be advocates for job placement, and advanced learning opportunities. Participants are provided with regular reports and feedback. Progress is continually monitored and shared. All of your information is kept in strict confidence and not shared without your prior consent.

ONLINE PROGRAM: Music the Universal Language prepares and increases knowledge so everyone can play a Musical Instrument. 

Happy Notes Music & Online Tutoring
306 S Ocean Shore Blvd

Email: HappyNotesOnline@yahoo.com

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We welcome participants in our studies and programs of all backgrounds and ages.  Online support for minors requires parental involvement and controls appropriate to age and mental abilities. Whenever there is a particular challenge, we will do everything within our power at the time to make accomodations, and be to the best of our ability inclusive in all respects. Certain programs and workshops may have age appropriate registration and placements.   
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