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Happy Notes

Digital music tutoring - Learn How to use Finale Notepad to create songs and music backgrounds - $35
for 3 - 20 minute tutoring times

Online - Register through our website contact or call Carol now Mother Elizabeth at 386-263-8901 407-898-1639 for access and individual instruction time through the internet or in person.

Workshop and Musical Performance - July and August will feature our Digital Music outcomes for participants who want to share their work from the online musical.

A Musical by Carol Bacha - "Life But No Bread" Zhiki-NO-Koliva will be reflective to the event and spiritual renewal that lead to the "Fall of the Wall" in Eastern Europe with scenes from the life of Father Roman (Braga)

4-29-20-5 and his sister Mother Benedicta (Braga) that uses American spirituals to tell the story of life under Communist Rule and the breaking out along with hymns and songs of Eastern Europe.

Musicians and composers/arrangers  all ages are needed to fill out the program and present the story

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