We love you, Happy Notes.  Because of you my daughter can now speak and communicate at a much higher level.  She enjoys learning through her piano lessons and practices regularly. - Tatiana

My child was struggling in school. His motivation was gone and resisted going to school every morning. He found joy in learning piano. Now he is able to showcase his talent in school through music and has raised his self esteem.  You helped note his giftedness through music and the counselors and teachers have responded to this evaluation. 

Parents of a Blessed Child

I was terrified about taking the Medical Exam and you helped ease my fears by your support in making learning easy through Music as the Universal Language.  Now English is my language as well thanks to your music method of support.  I will recommend you to other Medical Students who need your specialized services to quickly and successfully transition to study in English.  Because of your help now both my piano and medical careers are where I want them to be.


 As an adult learner, I appreciate all the customized  lessons and thought that goes into making me successful in piano. I needed the one on one help..  Now my 60th birthday is a happy one. My grandchildren can see me enjoy music and I can share my songs with my husband.


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